COVID-19 Order FAQ

Please read the top common questions during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are doing our best to get orders out as soon a possible, but our resources could be better used if our customers would take the time to review these frequently asked questions. Keep in mind that there were 2.5 million new gun buyers in the last few months, so these questions may seem to be very basic. This is our time to help new gun owners appreciate the true meaning of the 2nd Amendment.

Are you open on Saturday or Sunday?
We are open on the weekends. We are planning to hire additional help, but we also have to keep our employees safe.

When will my order ship? The order still shows in Processing.
We are processing orders to be shipped within 3-5 business days. Parts and accessories are the fastest items that can be processed and can be shipped in a few business days. The more online chat requests and emails we get, the more resources it takes away from shipping. If you don’t hear from us within 5-7 business days, contact us via LiveChat. Do not contact us on the next business day after you ordered. When the chats and emails calmed down, we were able to process orders within the same business day. Some orders went out within hours.

Why is my order showing on hold?
Our system flags orders that have discrepancies in the billing address. We manually review them and push them into Processing.

It has been five business days, and my gun order hasn’t shipped.
If you did NOT choose one of our thousands of on-file FFL dealers, we start the processing time the business day after the FFL was received from your local gun store. Check your email for FFL instructions. We will not call or email asking for your FFL info. If an FFL was received on a Friday, the processing time starts on the following Monday. We do not work on the weekends.

How can I expedite my gun order?
Choose one of our 2,000 plus on-file FFL dealers before you checkout. If you do not choose an on-file FFL, expect to double or triple the processing wait times. Your local gun stores are busy too. Please give your local FFL a courtesy call to let them know that a transfer is on the way. If the FFL is not able or willing to accept your transfer, please let us know immediately.

Do you have a fax number?
We do not. Email is the best way to get your local gun store to send in their FFL. With email, we can search by name or order number. With faxes, you can’t.

Where does my local gun store email their FFL?
Your local gun store can email their FFL license to Make SURE they include your full name and order number. Failure to do so will delay your order. We will not guess which FFL belongs to whom, and It will go into a pile with a question mark. Once we figure out who it belongs to, the processing time starts the next business day.

Will you ship my gun to my home or office?
We will only ship to a business with a valid FFL license.

Is this gun legal in my state?
Gun laws change quite often, and we do our best to stay current. The best way to answer this common question is to call your local gun store. If they will accept the transfer, then it’s legal in your state or county.

Can I change my shipping address after the sale?
We will only ship to your billing address for non-FFL/SOT items. Our credit card merchant only protects us if the order is shipped to the billing address. We are working on a way to change the shipping address if the customer has been ordering consistently for a few months. That feature is currently in development.

I just placed my order, and the item is now showing out of stock.
You ordered the last item, and if there is a problem, we will let you know within a few business days. Our inventory is 98% accurate, and we are working towards 100% accuracy.

Is the item in stock? Can you go into the warehouse and verify it?
This is the most common question we get every 5 minutes. Our inventory is better than most competitors, but it is not perfect yet. Our inventory is 98% accurate, and if there is a problem, we will refund you immediately. The issuing credit/debit card bank can take up to 5 business days to refund. If you’re waiting for us to respond, your item could go out of stock.

How are you able to get this item in stock?
Over the past few years, we’ve established excellent relationships with our distributors and manufacturers. They trust us, and we trust them. We will be introducing an Elite Members program that is by invitation only. This exclusive program will give loyal buyers access to our allocated and special order items.

My order was shipped and is now showing undeliverable.
Whether the address was incorrect or your FFL decided that they only wanted to sell their inventory, we see refusals every few weeks. Once the order is out the door, it is out of our control on how USPS and UPS handle items. To ensure that your local FFL dealer will accept your gun order, give them a call to verify that they are still open and are willing to accept the FFL transfer. If any items are refused, we will charge a shipping fee to reship.

When will this item be back in stock?
We receive shipments daily, but getting exact time frames is getting more and more difficult. There is a massive shortage of ammo and guns, and this will be ongoing until next year. Click on the NOTIFY ME button to subscribe by email. Once you receive that your product is back in-stock email, you have to act fast.

Are you doing any layaways?
We have suspended the layaway program until further notice.

Why is there a restocking fee?
Our employees don’t work for free. We pull the order, verify serial numbers, check the condition of the order, and put back the order. Sometimes we have to unpack the order. The order that was pulled could be no longer available to another customer that would not have canceled. Every gun that goes out the door goes through a visual inspection. We make sure the serials match because even manufacturers can make mistakes. If you ordered by mistake and let us know within the same day, there will be no restocking fee. Check your local gun laws before ordering. Do not order if you’re not 100% sure.

Is this gun new?
All guns are sold as new from the manufacturer. Occasionally we will sell refurbished guns or get police trade-ins, but that will be mentioned in the product title.

My gun won’t function properly, can I send this back for the warranty?
We can ask questions to help troubleshoot the problem, but we are not set up as a warranty service center. In most cases, the issue comes from limp wristing, using cheap ammo to not cleaning the gun ever. Our manufacturers have advised us to tell customers to direct all warranty claims to them. Please contact the manufacturer for a warranty claim and shipping label.

There’s a scratch on my gun, and it wasn’t there before.
Each shipment has a bright yellow note that tells the buyer to inspect the gun before taking it home. Once you pass the background check and sign off on the form, you agree to accept the gun as is. All guns are sold as new unless stated as a rebuilt or refurbished. If there is an issue with the condition of the gun, please give us a call, and we will swap it out. If light scratches are common with a particular manufacturer, we have the right to deny a swap.

I want to return my gun after I took it home.
We do not accept returns on guns.

I live in a restricted gun state, can you ship the 15/17/30 round magazines to another state?
We will not circumvent any existing gun laws.